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Storm in the Skerries. "The Flying Dutchman" August Strindberg

Storm in the Skerries. "The Flying Dutchman" August Strindberg

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In a remote and forbidding part of the coast, where the blue-green sea, riled and heaving, meets the bluish-black firmament filled with stormy, ominous clouds, there exists a scene most dreadful. It is a sombre and unsettling image, a tableau imbued with the violent forces of nature, where the very soul of the tempest seems to have been captured. The fierceness of Strindberg's spatula work, a hand guided perhaps by some unseen cosmic influence, intensifies the expressive feel, lending an air of the supernatural to the vista.


In the summer of the year 1892, within the mystic realm of Dalarö, amidst the labyrinthine Stockholm skerries, the scene was found. It was a landscape that seemed to whisper of ancient, unknowable truths, where the wind and waves spoke in tongues long forgotten by man, a place where reality itself seemed to bend and warp. It was a place that could have been conjured by the imagination of the late Charles Dickens, and yet, it was touched with a darkness that only the pen of Lovecraft could truly capture. back in time with A 70s Face! This striking artwork, inspired by the funky 70s, features abstract shapes in earthy browns, perfect for a unique, vintage-inspired style. Infuse your space with bohemian flair and take a risk with a bold statement piece! 

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