The artist who sees through the physical world

The artist who sees through the physical world

Xian, a renowned Chinese artist, was in the second year of her residency on Museum Island. She was known for her unique ability to see patterns, shapes, colours, and even little creatures, that others couldn't. She believed these were the reincarnated spirits of the dead, and she used her art to capture them, freezing them in time on her canvas.

One beautiful summer's day, a group of tourists visited Museum Island. They were art enthusiasts, eager to see the work of the artists who lived there. When they arrived at Xian's studio, they were awestruck by the vibrant colours and intricate patterns of her paintings. Each painting was named after the spirit it depicted, and Xian always assumed that every visitor could see these spirits as clearly as she did.

Among the tourists was a man named Edwin, a rich City trader who invested in art but cared little for the pictures he bought except their ability to appreciate over time. He stared at one of Xian's paintings, a swirl of oranges and reds named "The South Wind." He squinted, tilted his head, and even stepped back, but he just couldn't see what everyone else seemed to.

Seeing his confusion, Xian approached him. "Do you see the South Wind?" she asked.

Edwin hesitated, then, in a peevish tone, admitted, "I'm afraid I don't. I see colours and shapes, but I can't see the spirit of the Warm Wind within."

Xian smiled and said, "Close your eyes and listen."

Edwin looked at her, puzzled, but, after a pause that seemed to last for several minutes, he did as he was told. He closed his eyes and listened. At first, all he heard was the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the cold moan of the north wind rustling through the trees outside the studio.

But then, he began to smile and gasped. He could hear a soft whisper, a gentle warm melody carried inside the cold wind from the sea. It was soothing, calming, and it filled him with a sense of peace.

When he opened his eyes, he looked at the painting again. This time, he saw it. The colours and shapes swirled together, forming the distinct impression of a a warm and soothing breeze. He could see the south wind.

He turned toXian, his eyes wide with amazement. "I see it! I can see the South WInd!"

Xian chuckled and said, "You've always been able to see it, Edwin. You just needed to listen to it first."

From that day forward, Edwin became one of Xian's most fervent collectors and fans. He even started taking art classes, hoping to learn to see and capture the spirits in his own way.

And as for Xian, she continued to paint, capturing the spirits she saw in the air. She knew not everyone could see them as she did, but she also knew that with a little patience and guidance, they could learn to see the world as she did - full of colour, exquisite patterns, and the spirits of those that have passed on.

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