About Utterwick Museum and its Inhabitants

Situated amidst the relentless waves of the North Sea, Museum Island is a sanctuary for the creative souls who dare to venture into its solitude. We are a motley crew of artists, each with a unique perspective and a penchant for the macabre. Our imaginations are as dark as the stormy skies that often shroud our island home, and our art is a reflection of this. We find beauty in the eerie, the puzzling, and the terrifying, and our works are a testament to this unusual aesthetic.

Museum island seen from Old Utterwick Beach

Our island, isolated and often inaccessible due to the harsh weather conditions, is a haven for those who seek solace in solitude. The stormy seas and dense fog that frequently envelop the island create an atmosphere of profound loneliness. It's a feeling that seeps into your bones, a constant reminder of our separation from the rest of the world. No boats can penetrate the thick fog or brave the tumultuous waves, leaving us stranded on our storm-tossed rock.

Despite the isolation, or perhaps because of it, we have formed a tight-knit community. We spend countless hours together in the common room of our museum, a space nestled high in the attic of this ancient, dust-laden building. The room, filled with the echoes of our laughter and heated debates, is our sanctuary within a sanctuary. It's here that we gather to watch the classics, films that offer a glimmer of hope in our secluded world.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a particular favorite, its epic tale of courage and resilience resonating with our own experiences. Star Wars, in all its iterations, is another staple in our cinematic diet. However, there's a notable exception - the Mandalorian. One of our artists, who prefers to remain anonymous, has a peculiar aversion to the series. Their protest against it is as dramatic as it is humorous, involving a display of their bare posterior to anyone who dares to watch the show. It's a strange tradition, but one that adds a touch of levity to our otherwise somber surroundings.

Perhaps it's the constant exposure to the elements, the ceaseless battering of the waves against our rocky shores, or the eerie silence that descends when the fog rolls in, but living on Museum Island has a profound effect on us. It's a place that fosters creativity, encourages introspection, and, in its own unique way, brings us closer together. Despite the challenges, or maybe because of them, we wouldn't trade our storm-tossed rock in the North Sea for anything else.