Luna van der Elst

Luna, the enigmatic artist and witch, dwells in the heart of the Ardennes, a dense forest that cloaks her in its verdant mystery. Her abode, a quaint cottage nestled amidst the towering trees, is a sanctuary where the ordinary and the extraordinary converge. Luna is not just a painter; she is a weaver of dreams, a conduit between the terrestrial and the celestial.

Her canvas is a portal to alien landscapes, a testament to her nocturnal journeys. Luna doesn't merely sleepwalk; she sleep-paints. As the moon ascends the night sky, Luna falls into a trance, her hands moving with an otherworldly precision, guided by visions from beyond our realm. Her dreams, vivid and vibrant, are a gateway to distant galaxies, to worlds untouched by human hands, and to celestial bodies that dance in the infinite cosmos.

Her paintings are a spectacle of colors that defy earthly palettes. They depict landscapes that are both alien and strangely familiar, with mountains that shimmer under starlight, rivers that flow with liquid silver, and forests that glow with bioluminescent flora. Each stroke of her brush is a testament to her dreams, a silent whisper of her midnight journeys.

But Luna is not just a dreamer and a painter. She is a witch, a guardian of ancient wisdom. Her connection to the natural world is profound, her understanding of its rhythms and cycles unparalleled. She harnesses the energies of the forest, the moon, and her dreams, weaving them into her art, infusing each painting with a magic that is palpable.

Her art is her spell, her brush a wand, and her dreams the incantations. Luna's paintings are more than just depictions of alien landscapes; they are enchantments, each one a doorway to a world beyond our own. And in the heart of the Ardennes, under the watchful gaze of the moon, Luna the painter, the dreamer, the witch, continues her cosmic dance, sleepwalking through dreams and painting the universe as she sees it.