Utterwick-on-the-Marsh Museum of Art FAQ

When can I expect my order?
Typically, it takes us between 3 to 7 days to prepare an order before it's ready for shipping. The actual shipping time will vary based on where you're located.

Here's a rough estimate of the shipping time:
- Most of our customers in the UK will get their packages within 3-5 days after the product has been finished

- In the EU we expect similar shipping times of 3-5 days

- We don't currently ship to the US/Asia/Eastern European countries or Russia

Where is my order shipping from?
Obviously we can't ship it from Museum Island due to the many days that we are cut off by the weather and the sea so we've partnered with a fantastic on-demand order fulfilment company that has facilities all around the globe! If you are based in the UK it will almost certainly be produced in the UK - if you are based in the EU it is likely to be produced in Germany.

Will I need to pay customs for my order?
Sometimes, international orders may be subject to additional customs and tax fees. These fees are determined by your local customs office and are beyond our control. Customs policies can vary greatly from country to country, so we recommend checking with your local customs office to see if these fees apply to your purchases.

My order hasn't arrived yet. What should I do?
If your order seems to be taking longer than expected, here are a few things you can do before reaching out to us:
- Double-check the delivery address in your shipping confirmation email
- Ask your local post office if they're holding your package
- Check with your neighbors to see if the courier left your package with them

If you've done all of the above and your package is still missing, please contact us at support@utterwickmuseum.co.uk with your order number.

If you've found an error in your delivery address, we can send you a replacement order. However, please note that the cost of the new order and shipping will be your responsibility.