Neil Kihara


Neil Hokasaki, a man of Japanese descent, known for his pale complexion and contemplative demeanour, is deeply engrossed in the creation of artworks that reflect the enigmatic Yōkai. His obsession, however, is not a mere fascination with the supernatural, but rather a profound exploration of his cultural heritage and personal identity.

Raised in the rich tapestry of Japanese folklore, Neil found himself drawn to the Yōkai, these spectral entities that exist in the liminal space between the known and the unknown, the tangible and the ethereal. They are, in many ways, a reflection of the human condition - capable of both benevolence and malevolence, embodying the duality of our own nature.

Neil's art is a mirror held up to these supernatural entities, a way to explore and express the complexities of human emotions and experiences. Each stroke of his brush is a meditation on fear, joy, sorrow, and mischief - the myriad emotions that these Yōkai represent.

Moreover, his obsession with these creatures is a testament to his introspective nature. Neil sees in the Yōkai a reflection of his own introspection and thoughtfulness. They are, to him, embodiments of the mysteries and uncertainties that lie within us all.

In the haunting eyes of the Yōkai, Neil finds a canvas for his own introspection, a way to externalize the internal, to make tangible the intangible. His art, then, is not just a depiction of folklore creatures, but a deeply personal and introspective journey into the human psyche, a journey that he invites his audience to share.

In the end, Neil Hokasaki's obsession with the Yōkai is a testament to his desire to understand and express the complexities of human nature, and a reflection of his own thoughtful and introspective character.

鬼原 Kihara
鬼 means "demon, ogre, evil spirit."
Ghost - The soul of a deceased person, a spirit, a supernatural being with immense power and mysterious abilities.
Yokai - A creature from folklore, usually with human form and two horns.
Powerful - Possessing great strength and courage.
Imaginative - A creature of the imagination.
Cruel - Ruthless and merciless.
Huge - Exceptionally large.

原 means "origin, source, foundation."
Plain Land, Ground - A wide, flat land or ground.
Origin, Source - Going back to the original source. The beginning or cause of something.
Forgiveness - To not blame someone for their mistakes.
Seriousness, Integrity - Being serious and honest. Being sincere and honest.