The night a vampire flew into the Old Library window

The night a vampire flew into the Old Library window

It was a quiet, moonlit night in the Old Library, known for its vast collection of ancient, mystical tomes. The Curator was in the middle of rearranging a set of heavy, leather-bound books - a recent bequest from a Jesuit monastery in Tuscany. A peculiar crash and tinkling of glass hitting the granite floor of the library interrupted the quiet mindful work. Startled, he turned around to see a cloud of bats dissipating, leaving behind a tall, lithe woman. 

The woman looked ethereal, her skin as pale as the moon, and her crimson eyes glinted with an otherworldly charm. When she spoke, her voice echoed the darkness, yet it was as soothing as a lullaby. "I mean no harm," she said. Her accent was thick, but her words carefully chosen and clearly articulated. "My name is Charybdis and I am...", she opened her mouth to show her long canines - "made a little different." She smiled engagingly.

The Curator was a learned man and understood her meaning immediately, his heart pounded against his chest. A vampire in his library! Yet, he held his ground and invited her in to the library, intrigued by the possibility of such an interesting supernatural encounter. Charybdis admired his courage and immediately started to take a liking to him.

The Curator put the books that he was holding down on a nearby table and asked the vampire if she was injured? She laughed lightly shaking her head. "I am a poor flyer and an even worse lander - I am fine".

Over the next few weeks, Charybdis visited the Curator frequently, under the cover of darkness. She regaled him with tales of her centuries-long existence, of castles and kings, of wars and peace, of the changing world, and of the enchanting art that she loved to create. She explained her passion for painting, how the medium allowed her to express the tumultuous emotions of her immortal life. The Curator, fascinated by these tales and the prospect of a friendship that transcended the natural order, grew fond of Charybdis. Their bond deepened with each visit.

One night the Curator set up a canvas, brushes, and Charybdis brought her paints. In the quiet solitude of the library, she began to create, her swift, delicate movements filling the room with an air of mystique. Under her skilled hands, images took form - a mesmerising portrayal of the library under the moonlight, the Curator standing by a window, peering at a sky studded with stars. The painting was breathtaking, capturing the tranquility of their nightly rendezvous perfectly.

Their friendship lasted throughout the summer. When autumn came, Charybdis had to leave. She needed to return to her homeland in the far north and east of Europe. A touch of melancholy hung in the air as they said their goodbyes. She thanked the Curator for his hospitality and kindness, promising him that she would return someday. As a parting gift, she gave him the painting - a token of their unique friendship, something to remember her by.

In the end, the night a vampire flew into the Old Library window, it wasn't a tale of horror and bloodshed but one of friendship, understanding, and art. And the Curator became the custodian of an extraordinary story.

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